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Being under the influence of drugs while driving can impair your driving abilities and get you pulled over in the state of Arkansas. Even legally prescribed drugs and over-the-counter medications can lead to a drugged driving charge. If you were recently pulled over by police and they found you have illegal drugs and/or prescription drugs in your system and you are convicted, there could be serious penalties. 

An experienced DWI drug defense attorney can explain the charges against you and will defend you against the accusations. Jacob Denson can provide you with experienced legal representation to protect your rights. We can devise a strategy that will give you your best shot at minimizing penalties and keeping you out of jail.

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What’s the Difference between a Drug-Related DWI & Alcohol-Related DWI

While drugs and alcohol are two different intoxicating substances, there is not much difference when it comes to how you can be charged in Arkansas if you are believed to be under the influence of either. Under the state’s law, you can be charged with DUI/DWI if your reactions, motor skills, or judgment are in any way altered due to alcohol or drug use.

So this means that even if you are pulled over by law enforcement and they perform tests to see if you have alcohol in your system, even if you don’t, you can still be arrested with a DWI charge related to drugs if they determine that you are physically unable to safely operate a vehicle. 

If you have a prescription from a doctor allowing you to take a drug, you can still be charged if the medication interferes with your driving ability. Because of this, it is crucial to read labels and take your doctor’s advice if they tell you not to drive after taking a drug.

Penalties for Drug-Related DWIs in Arkansas

The punishments for driving under the influence of drugs are the same as the penalties for drunk driving. Aside from the penalties the courts set, the offender will also have to complete a substance abuse evaluation and any drug treatment or education programs decided by the judge.

The penalties are as follows:

  • First offense
    • 24 hours to one year of jail time; $150 to $1000 fine; license suspended for six months
  • Second offense
    • Seven days to one year of jail time; $400 to $3000 fine; license suspended for 24 months
  • Third offense
    • 90 days to one year of jail time; $900 to $5,000 fine; license suspended for 30 months

In cases where a suspension results in hardship, you can apply for a restricted license which can allow you to drive only to and from places like work and school. In some instances, you may also have to have an ignition interlock device installed which will only start your car if you are sober.

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A DWI drug conviction is no joke and will stay on your record forever. Aside from the heavy fines and lengthy prison times, it can result in higher insurance premiums, make it difficult to keep or land a job, and other lifelong setbacks.

If you are facing drug-related DWI charges, you will want to get in touch with Jacob Denson as soon as possible. Our talented team of attorneys has represented residents of Jacksonville, Little Rock, Sherwood, surrounding areas of Pulaski County, and statewide. Let us use our experience and knowledge of the law to get you out of serious trouble.

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